• Responsibility Redefined

    SOBR1 & SOBRDR1VE are Changing the Narrative When it Comes to

    Drinking Responsibly Forever


  • How Do I Drink Responsibly?

    With SOBR1 & SOBRDR1VE

    Up until now, “Responsible Drinking” was about posters, clever campaigns, and catchphrases. It was up to the individual to remember what they saw or sum up the self-accountability to know when-to-say-when.


    SOBRDR1VE is an innovative and proactive approach to drinking responsibly. We believe that you have to make “responsibility” an action word, not just an afterthought.

  • SOBR1 Features

    Hero Network!

    Our Heroes Don't Fly! They Drive Cars!

    With SOBR1, you can select your “Heroes” from your phone’s contact list. During an emergency, you can send them a video message by pressing the PANIC button on the main screen. If you’ve had too much to drink, you can also set up your SOBR1 app to call for an UBER, Lyft or taxi – as well as accessing a list of local hotels.


    No Breathalyzer!

    Sometimes You Just Know

    A portable Bluetooth breathalyzer is not necessary to use SOBR1. Just click the "keys in hand" tab, and send a text message to your designated drivers letting them know that you've been drinking, and need a ride home. Simple!

    Know Before You Go!

    Don't Leave it To Chance

    If you have a personal Bluetooth breathalyzer with you, you can test your BAC before you hit the road. Know where your BAC levels are before you drive. Don't drive based on a feeling. The police don't care how you felt, they will arrest you if you're over the legal limit.

    We Got You Covered!

    Just In Case You Ride Solo

    No Designated Driver, No Problem. SOBR1 gives you multiple options when you need to get home safe. Access Uber, Lyft, or Taxis through the home screen. If you're down for a little Stay-cation, then use our "Hotels Near By" tab. We'll find you accommodations for the night within walking distance.  


    Activating SOBRDR1VE

    Our Heroes Don't Fly! They Drive Cars!

    Once you set your BAC, you have to enter a four-digit pin code that will be used to lock/disable the app once a successful BAC test is taken. This feature allows parents to activate this on their teen drivers vehicle, so they can’t disable once they leave the house. The four digit code is required to disable app, even with a successful BAC test.


    SOBRDR1VE also lets the user activate this feature remotely.



    Set It & Forget It

    SOBRDR1VE lets you pre-set your breath alcohol content (BAC) level before you head out drinking. You can choose levels between .01 -.05. Since .05 is the law in Utah and is being discussed in Oregon and California, we wanted to be ahead of the curve.

    Lock & Go!

    Don't Leave it To Chance

    Once you set your BAC and set your four-digit pin, the vehicle will lock. A test below the pre-set level will be required to start your car.

    We Got You Covered!

    If You Fail You Win!

    If you fail a SOBRDR1VE BAC test, you will have five minutes to retest. A 3rd failed attempt will lock you out from testing again for one hour. You will still receive options for alternatives to driving impaired.

  • There When You Need Them!

    The SOBR1 PANIC features gets you the help you need, when you need it the most. In this day and age, dangerous situations are more common than we'd like them to be. When the SOBR1 PANIC button is activated, it starts recording audio/video that is shared along with your GPS location, with all your heroes in real-time. They see, what you see. This can becomes an invaluable tool in court.

  • The Parental Alcohol Monitoring Program

    powered by CheckBAC

    Proactive About Saving Lives.

    A mistake shouldn't cost a teen their life, or their future. At Driven By Safety Inc., we believe in being proactive about underage drinking prevention, and P.A.M.P. is how we help parents and school administrators deal with alcohol related incidences on, and off campus. Instead of just reacting with thoughts, prayers, and punishment, we can help them turn tragedy into a teachable moment about responsibility, and accountability. Our program can help parents, students, and staff have a positive outcome.


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